United Nations Partnership Framework Thailand 2017-2021

The United Nations Partnership Framework (UNPAF) is a strategic document that reflects the partnership between the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Thailand and the Royal Thai Government (RTG), in collaboration with other stakeholders. The document provides a coherent strategic framework for the joint Thailand–UN effort to ensure that on the path to sustainable development, the country’s vulnerability pockets are understood and adequately addressed. The UNPAF is guided by the analysis of the Common Country Assessment (CCA) that highlighted the opportunities for the UN to support the RTG and other key stakeholders in achieving the national development goals, leaving no one behind. 

This UNPAF document provides:

  1. Summary of the CCA analytics reflecting achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs),
  2. Thailand’s national development priorities, opportunities and vulnerability pockets;
  3. Description of the UNPAF programme outcome and the key outcome strategies;
  4. Overview of the joint UNPAF implementation arrangements;
  5. Monitoring and evaluation framework;
  6. Result Matrix highlighting key indicators, targets, assumptions and risks, partners and resources
  7. requirements. 
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