About the Resident Coordinator's Office

In Thailand, the United Nations system is led by the UN Resident Coordinator, with the support of the Resident Coordinator’s Office.

The Resident Coordinator leads the UN Country Team which is comprised of the representatives of UN entities active in Thailand. The UN Country Team is working together to capitalize on the strengths and comparative advantages of the UN System in-country, to increase impact through coherent programmes, as well as to reduce transaction costs.

The Secretary General’s General Assembly Resolution 72/279 on the repositioning of the United Nations Development System mandates bold changes for the emergence of a new generation of Country Teams, centred on a strategic Programme with the Government and led by an impartial, independent and empowered UN Resident Coordinator to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for dignity, prosperity and peace on a healthy planet.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Thailand

Ms Gita Sabharwal was appointed as the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Thailand on 15 March 2020.

Ms Sabharwal has close to three decades of development experience working across multiple country contexts in Asia. Her work has focused specifically on peacebuilding, governance and social policy, while generating and applying empirical and big data analysis to deal with emerging development challenges.

Ms Sabharwal has worked in senior management and strategic leadership roles with different institutions. Her development experience ranges from working with a grassroots women’s collective, an international foundation to bilateral and multilateral organisations. Preceding her appointment to Thailand, Ms Sabharwal was the Peacebuilding and Development Advisor at the United Nations in Sri Lanka, for nearly seven years.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Ms Sabharwal was The Asia Foundation’s Deputy Country Representative for Maldives and Sri Lanka and has held positions as the Poverty and Policy Advisor for the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development in India and Vietnam.

Ms Sabharwal holds a master’s degree in Development Management from the University of Wales, UK and is the author of numerous policy papers on South and South-East Asia. She speaks English and Hindi.

Meet the Team

The Resident Coordinator is supported by the Resident Coordinator's Office, which includes:

  • Ms Iwona Spytkowski, Team Leader & Strategic Planner
  • Ms Emma Kasemsuwan, Executive Associate, a.i.
  • Mr Timothy Alchin, Peace & Development Advisor
  • Ms Chomsiri Yee Tirapornvitoon, Peace & Development Officer
  • Ms Marisa Panyachiva, Partnership & Development Finance Officer
  • Mr Manop Udomkerdmongkol, Economist
  • Mr Thamana Lekprichakul, Data & Results Reporting Officer
  • Mr Bovornpong Teddy Vathanathanakul, Communications & Advocacy Officer
  • Ms Fuka Kiyosawa, Communications Assistant

About the Resident Coordinator's Office

Ms Gita Sabharwal

Gita Sabharwal

Resident Coordinator