UN in Thailand

The UN in Thailand

The Sustainable Development Goals in Thailand

The United Nations has worked closely with the Royal Thai Government and people of Thailand for more than 75 years to achieve inclusive and sustainable development in alignment with national priorities and plans. The UN Country Team consists of 21 UN agencies supported by invaluable partnerships with the Government, Line Ministries, local and provincial administrations, the private sector, investors and donors, the media, academia and civil society including youth and vulnerable communities. We also work closely with the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (ESCAP).


The Sustainable Development Goals in Thailand

With 21 United Nations entities represented in Thailand, our work encompasses all of the SDGs. The United Nations Country Team supports activities with particular focus on the following goals: SDG1.3 on expanding the reach of social protection; SDG 3.4 tackling non-communicable diseases; SDG 4.1 education for all, with a focus on migrant children; SDG 5.5 advocacy for greater participation of women in political decision making; SDG 8.3 support to small to medium-sized enterprises and youth innovation; 10.2 inclusion of marginalized groups, particularly the LGBTI community; SDG 10.7 migration governance; SDG 13.2 climate change strategies at national and local level; SDG 16.1 supporting social cohesion to end violence in southern Thailand; SDG 16.9 advocacy and support to end statelessness; SDG 17.7 partnerships with private sector for sustainable development; and, SDG 17.9 the sharing of Thailand’s experience and best practices through South-South exchanges.