UN in Thailand

The UN in Thailand

The Sustainable Development Goals in Thailand

The United Nations has worked closely with the Royal Thai Government and people of Thailand for more than 75 years to achieve inclusive and sustainable development in alignment with national priorities and plans. The UN Country Team consists of 21 UN agencies supported by invaluable partnerships with government, line ministries, local and provincial administrations, the private sector, investors and donors, media, academia and civil society including youth and vulnerable communities. We also work closely with the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (ESCAP).


The Sustainable Development Goals in Thailand

The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) in Thailand is dedicated to advancing all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while emphasizing the importance of SDG localization, which brings the global agenda to the local level for effective impact. Amongst others, some highlights of our efforts encompass promoting integrated social protection for all (SDG 1.3), combatting non-communicable diseases (SDG 3.4), ensuring inclusive education, including migrant children (SDG 4.1), and advocating for women's participation in politics (SDG 5.5). We empower small to medium-sized enterprises and youth innovation, with a focus on business and human rights as well as digital transformation (SDG 8.3). Inclusive growth extends to marginalized groups, including the LGBTI community (SDG 10.2), while migration governance promotes safe, regular, and orderly migration (SDG 10.7). Our endeavors encompass implementing climate change strategies (SDG 13.2), solid waste management (SDG 11.6), and greening industry through promoting low carbon transition and finance among SMEs (SDG 7.2). Additionally, we strongly advocate for ensuring access to rights through inclusive citizenship (SDG 16.9), and share Thailand's experiences and best practices (SDG 17.9) through South-South and Triangular Cooperation. Through these collaborative efforts, we embark on a transformative journey to create a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous Thailand.